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  1. Monteith's Southern Pale Ale

    About a year ago I was at a going away party of an ex-colleague, at some hipster place in Amsterdam, whom shall remain nameless as a year is very long in hipster terms. I was having a good time talking to friends and making new acquaintances when I got a…

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  2. Running Mesos on a raspberry Pi Cluster - part 2

    Calculating Pi on Pi's In the first part I managed to get mesos running on a cluster of raspberry pi's now to have it do something... and what could be better then to have it calculate Pi in a distributed manner. As my main programming language is Scala, the examples…

    on dev, mesos, scala, raspberry pi

  3. Running Mesos on a raspberry Pi Cluster - part 1

    Sometimes seemingly unrelated events come together in a small project: At the IoT Tech day this year in Utrecht I saw a couple of guys demonstrating a Raspberry Pi cluster running kubernetes. At my company we are currently investigating Mesos as a means to better manage our dockerized infrastructure. I…

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  4. Java version in prompt

    I already have the current directory and my git state in my prompt which helps me in my daily development work Last week I ran into a bit of problem as apple updated my java version behind the scenes (I did tell it could do it btw) and this made…

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  5. Reactive streams in Scala

    In this world of multicore-cpu's we need to change the way we write software to make fully use of those resources. "reactive streams" are a way to do this: Normally streams have two problems: if the producer is fast and the consumer is slow, items need to be buffered and…

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  6. Docker-ify Development part 1

    Docker is a way to build your applications as microservices and ship and run them as such. As a first step I thought to make all the databases (mysql and postgres) I use for development docker containers so I can easily start and stop them, create copies and snapshots for…

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