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Monteith's Southern Pale Ale

About a year ago I was at a going away party of an ex-colleague, at some hipster place in Amsterdam, whom shall remain nameless as a year is very long in hipster terms.

I was having a good time talking to friends and making new acquaintances when I got a bit bored with the bitter hoppy taste of the several IPA's the bar stocked.
So I choose a beer that I didn't know and it was love at first sip.
The Monteith Southern Pale Ale from New Zealand, A light Pale Ale, with a little sweetness and citrusy flavour to counter the bitterness of the hops and a very refreshing/moreish finish.

Unfortunately I couldn't find this beer anywhere outside of this bar.
Until last week when I was in my local supermarket (who's been stocking a number of craft beers for a while now) I spotted them on a shelf. needless to say some of them moved to my refrigerator quite quickly. and especially with the warm weather here in the netherlands a welcome treat after a long day of work.

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