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  1. Small Proxy server in node.js

    If at some point you need a very simple proxy server save the next 19 lines to a file (f.i. proxy.js) var url = require('url'); var http = require('http'); http.createServer().listen(9000).on('request', function(request, response) { try { var options = url.parse(request.url); options.headers = request…

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  2. Git statuses in fish command shell

    I've been playing around with fish shell for a while now and like it a lot. The only thing i missed was the GIT information i used to have in my prompt. I Solved this by added a file: ~/.config/fish/ with the following content: # in .config/fish…

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  3. Scala extend or import?

    yesterday evening at the amsterdam.scala meetup I learned a neat trick, I also learned a lot more about type aliases and type classed but I have to get my head around those first. The trick being not forcing users of your code to either extend or import, but allowing…

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  4. Elite: dangerous

    One of my favorite games, Elite and later Frontier gets a new version, thanks to Kickstarter. Can't wait to waste several hunderd hours on this. They reached their goal, but only 14 hours left to reach the stretchgoal of a Mac/Linux version, hope they will get it …

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  5. First steps into ceylon

    A good friend of mine is part of the ceylon development team, so when M2 came out which had Java interoperability, I decided to have a go and dabble a bit with it and mis-use our friendship by badgering him with questions, but he'll get something out of it too…

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  6. Developing for the cloud

    Lately I'm becoming more and more aware of the possibilities that are out there for developers, both in building, testing and running your applications in the cloud. So I changed a hobby project i'm working on to be build, tested and deployed in the cloud. and I like to share…

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