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Tag: scala

  1. Running Mesos on a raspberry Pi Cluster - part 2

    Calculating Pi on Pi's In the first part I managed to get mesos running on a cluster of raspberry pi's now to have it do something... and what could be better then to have it calculate Pi in a distributed manner. As my main programming language is Scala, the examples…

    dev, mesos, scala, raspberry pi

  2. Running Mesos on a raspberry Pi Cluster - part 1

    Sometimes seemingly unrelated events come together in a small project: At the IoT Tech day this year in Utrecht I saw a couple of guys demonstrating a Raspberry Pi cluster running kubernetes. At my company we are currently investigating Mesos as a means to better manage our dockerized infrastructure. I…

    dev, scala, mesos, raspberry pi

  3. Reactive streams in Scala

    In this world of multicore-cpu's we need to change the way we write software to make fully use of those resources. "reactive streams" are a way to do this: Normally streams have two problems: if the producer is fast and the consumer is slow, items need to be buffered and…

    dev, scala, reactive, streams

  4. IBAN calculation in scala

    Curiosity led me to the question: "how is the control number for an IBAN number calculated?" I found the answer on (how could it not) wikipedia 10 minutes later i had written a small scala function that calculates it def createIBAN(bank:String, country:String, accountNr:String) = { //translate letters to…

    dev, scala, iban

  5. Code coverage in scala

    Most code coverage tools check lines of codes and branches (which part of the if/then/else is covered) For scala this is not a very useful metric, i'll let the following example speak for itself Players.filter( == true).sortBy(- _.score).take(5) .foreach(p => println(s"…

    dev, scala, code-coverage

  6. Debugging SBT

    I found that the simplest way to debugging sbt project’s is to add a standard remote debugging configuration to (in my case) intellij and remember the port the debugger is listening for (default 5005) and then in a terminal window start sbt as follows: sbt -jvm-debug 5005 If you…

    sbt, dev, scala, tip