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Tag: scala

  1. SmartTarget, Render Engine Language and the Ambient Data Framework

    The next major release of SmartTarget will among other things include support for REL (Render Engine Language). One of the major use cases we wanted to support is Have a website in a technology that isn't covered by our Content Delivery platform and show a webpage by: Rendering the page…

    dev, scala, tridion, smarttarget, play, adf

  2. Scala extend or import?

    yesterday evening at the amsterdam.scala meetup I learned a neat trick, I also learned a lot more about type aliases and type classed but I have to get my head around those first. The trick being not forcing users of your code to either extend or import, but allowing…

    dev, scala, tip

  3. Developing for the cloud

    Lately I'm becoming more and more aware of the possibilities that are out there for developers, both in building, testing and running your applications in the cloud. So I changed a hobby project i'm working on to be build, tested and deployed in the cloud. and I like to share…

    dev, scala, git, cloud, cloudfoundry, cloudbees, github, maven