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Tag: tip

  1. Java version in prompt

    I already have the current directory and my git state in my prompt which helps me in my daily development work Last week I ran into a bit of problem as apple updated my java version behind the scenes (I did tell it could do it btw) and this made…

    dev, tip, fish, java, bash

  2. Using apache webserver as a frontend for a node.js website

    As I moved my blog from wordpress to node.js I ofcourse wanted to run it on port 80, as I already have apache running on my server using that as a frontend was obvious. To get it running I needed to enable the proxy and the http handler for…

    dev, tip, nodejs, proxy, apache

  3. Debugging SBT

    I found that the simplest way to debugging sbt project’s is to add a standard remote debugging configuration to (in my case) intellij and remember the port the debugger is listening for (default 5005) and then in a terminal window start sbt as follows: sbt -jvm-debug 5005 If you…

    sbt, dev, scala, tip

  4. Simple Http Server

    If you ever just need a simple http server to serve up some html/javascript, because for instance access to local filesystem, camera, microphone etc is disabled when using the file:// protocol just install Python 3.x and run python -m http.server 8000 from the command line and voila…

    dev, tip, python

  5. Small Proxy server in node.js

    If at some point you need a very simple proxy server save the next 19 lines to a file (f.i. proxy.js) var url = require('url'); var http = require('http'); http.createServer().listen(9000).on('request', function(request, response) { try { var options = url.parse(request.url); options.headers = request.…

    dev, tip, nodejs, proxy

  6. Git statuses in fish command shell

    I've been playing around with fish shell for a while now and like it a lot. The only thing i missed was the GIT information i used to have in my prompt. I Solved this by added a file: ~/.config/fish/ with the following content: # in .config/fish/…

    dev, tip, git, fish